Conference Talks:Erika Nesvold (UMBC).

“Gap Opening by Planets in Debris Disks”

National Capital Area Disks (NCAD) Meeting

Carnegie DTM, July 2014

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“Modeling Eccentric Debris Rings with SMACK: Collisions Change Everything”

American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting

National Harbor, Maryland, January 2014

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“Debris Disks: Modeling Collisions and Dynamics Together”

NCAD Meeting

Space Telescope Science Institute, July 2012

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“A New Algorithm for Modeling Collisions in Debris Disks”

Division of Dynamical Astronomy (DDA) Meeting

Mt. Hood, Oregon, May 2012

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NASA Frontier Development Lab:

In summer 2016, I participated in NASA’s inaugural Frontier Development Lab, a six-week research accelerator that brought together planetary scientists and computer scientists to apply machine learning techniques to solving big problems in planetary defense from asteroid impacts. My team gave the following final presentation on our project at Microsoft:

Outreach Talks:

In May 2012, I presented the 2012 Mulligan Memorial Lecture on The Life and Work of Nikola Tesla: